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"Almas clavadas grande" by Emile Gireau


Iron and wood

38 x 118 x 16 cm

This piece comes signed and certified.

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About Emile Gireau

Emile is a sculptor and he was born in the French Alps surrounded by mountains. Some year ago he moved in Galicia where he lives and works. In this beautiful land where he founds tranquility and the isolation necessary to create.
Since he was a young kind, he always had passion for ancient cultures for the narrow relationship they have with nature as greatest source of inspiration, both in art as in life. Through a creative process of spontaneous production his sculptures are born. He improvise and let his emotions take him to create a sincere and personal job.
Harmony, balance and sensitivity are the basis of Emile work.
Art is for me, the way to express my feelings and the way to connect
deeply with myself.

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